I find it hard to understand you,
I find it hard to show my feelings,
I found it hard to tell you how i feel,
I found it hard to care again,

It seems like we've been 2gether years,
It seems like you know me so well,
It seems like you hide your past,
It seems like you hide your feelings

Deep down you know im right,
Deep down you know i care,
Deep down i know i love you,
Deep down i wish i were there!

To have you,
To hold you,
To kiss you,
To love you,

For now it feels like im loosing you,
An it’s really all my fault,
Deep down i know the way i treat you,
Is darn right unfair,
So now i give you the choice,
To stay or to go,
I want you here with me,
But i feel i may have to let you go,
Im sorry for what I’ve said an done,
i really want you here.

i love you with all my heart,
i really really care,
I’ve truly fallen in love with you
i know it sounds risqué,
For now you know just how i feel,
I hope you can understand and stay
I love you my darling.

by Andrew Hackett

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