We think we care for others,
when were caught up in our own.
Ours actually engulfs us,
leaving us all alone.
We can never see this,
for we look through our own eyes.
Nor do we hear what others say,
it sounds as if its lies.
Our own heart will decieve us,
without even meaning to.
We often think others percieve us,
as we ourselves do.
Pain brings misery, misery brings strife,
strife brings destruction, to our life.
'Always treat others with respect,
you shall gain it too.'
'Give a smile to everyone you meet,
and you will get a few.'
If we could only listen,
when advice is handed our way,
Not have to learn, on our own,
for this we certainly do pay.
So don't live your life on just feelings,
they can mess you up.
Build on the base of wisdom and knowledge,
and each morning...have a cup!

by Regena Kilgore

Comments (2)

Right! ignorance brings damnation to us all! if we could just listen, when it is neccessary to listen and stop being so defensive then the world would be a better place. But I guess the painful reality is that we have to learn via experience. My mother used to tell me if you don't wanna listen then you have to feel. Whether it be physical or literal.Everything that we say and do in life has consequences, so we must be careful. Know when to listen and know when to speak.
Well said, Gena! Why don't more people realize this? Impulsive, egocentric desire and avarice have been the scourge of society and so-called 'civil'ization for millennea.