Tries to open his mouth but no words came out,
The fire of love in him began to burnout,
The pain felt like a big blow to his heart, no clout,
He kept on looking for pleasure like a gadabout,
People didn't know how he felt,
He was dying within but had good health,
He fell on his knees and prayed that he wouldn't melt.

Burying his pain deep down in his thoughts,
He stayed with people who were in the same boat,
Moments turned to days,
Days to weeks,
Weeks to months,
He fought had to keep in shape,
He fed himself so much lies that he reshaped.

He feels like he's been defeated,
He feels frustrated,
He feels blinded,
He's cried so much he feels dehydrated,
He doesn't know what the future holds, he feels short sighted,
This is how he FELT.


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Keep the work coming. Poetry pays! Joshua.
Chukwuebuka, such an interesting write👍👍👍