I am afraid to say the words, 'I love you' – or just
to express my feelings – my beautiful thoughts of us.
A fear of a new discovery that may break the spell,
a fear of a disappointment - of that, I know so well.

The love between us that seems to be without disguise,
the ruffled hair, the crooked smile, the twinkling eyes.
The shoulders broad, and the hands so strong,
the arms that hold me, where I need to belong.

The warmth of special words whispered in my ears,
the laughter, the actions between us, without fears.
The joyous expressions of love now unfolding,
the oblivion of others, the love songs we sing.

The tender tendrils of love's bond also tightening,
the wonderful wooing, the kissing and the cooing.
The thoughts the same, the ideals and principals we share,
the ultimate love story surfacing - to believe, should I dare?

The rustic colours of autumn beginning to now appear,
the distant twinkling sounds of bell birds we faintly hear.
The gentle warmth of summer's breeze beginning to wane,
the short sharp shots of cold – signs of an early winter's pain.

The filtered sun-rays leave hope for growth and strength
as the reflections of water-ways winding to great length.
The stillness of tall mountain trees as they stand to rest,
the feelings – the love- the awareness – simply the best.

by Colleen Wright

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