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Feelings And Times Passed
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Feelings And Times Passed

i sat here and thought of the time,
the time before you where in my mind,
i prayed and hoped,
i hoped and prayed,
that one day i would be happy

for then you came,
came into my life,
a happiness I’ve never known
a happiness I’ve longed for,
a feeling so divine

there we where,
happy as can be,
until the day you went away,
you went away and came back different,
now i wished you had stayed!

There or here,
either would have done,
for now my heart is broken,
for now my heart is dead,
i don’t know if it will ever heal

for now im angry,
an sad inside,
my head is depressed,
my mind insane,
this is how you have made me feel

do you ever feel sorrow,
do you ever regret what you put me through,
do you feel guilty,
do you feel sorry,
do you feel anything

NO i guess you don’t,
This is how you have made me,
so now be happy in your work,
a once upset boy,
a now insane man!

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