Feelings: Crocodilia-Bedouinsia, Nile-Crocodile In Ecstasy


The Nile-Crocodile finally knows what’s
going on: The Lord and Master of the Nile-
Crocodile Castle bought a new chair to
save her from backache despair – the chair
seemed all skew and suddenly she knew
what was true: The Nile-Crocodile does
not fit into this universe; the Crocodile
tail was the cause of the discomfort! Her
boss kindly indicated with all the pillows
she needed to reach the standard-size-table
from the standardised chair, designed for
six-feet-long Government elves, she looked
like a Bedouin ascending a camel; today
Crocodilia-Bedouinsia survives her life
by fighting a losing battle against tables
and chairs made according to regulations;
sleeping on the floor in Crocodilean despair…

The Nile-Crocodile In Ecstasy

Said Anita Gregory: I may be careful about evidence,
scrupulous about methodology; but being a reductive
positivist is not for me, believing the world to be
a meagre agglomeration of accidents and causal effects
is a mean philosophy – because the world is a mysterious
and wonderful place – as has been proven by the magic
of David Blaine and the psychic prowess of Eileen Garrett;

I agree with Anita Gregory, having read Invisible
Horizons by Vincent Gaddes and The Secret Life of
Plants by Peter Tompkins while still at school; then
studying reductive positivism at a Stalinist university –
my brain refused to accept that small world view; all
I learnt was that Sartrean existentialism and pain is
already expressed in the Old Testament – Psalms and
Ecclesiastes – I ended up in mental therapy

I am an absolute relativist today: The brittle little
world of the materialist and reductive positivist is but
an illusion; Heidegger’s phenomenology rooted in
Zen-Buddhism, laying aside perception as functionality
to focus on the Ding-an-Sich, is nearing the truth:
Sensory reality is but an inter-subjective construct with
quantum particles only becoming clouds or drops
AFTER eager, expectant observation;

Though I suffer the Western karma of thinking negative,
reductionist thoughts about flawed humanbeingdom,
the effect being isolation, alienation; the lethargy of
apathy, culminating in black despair; I fight back by
reading all I can find about psychic phenomena and
alternative science theory; by being a Pyramidiot and
according equal validity to several versions of reality
as an interconnected matrix in the Multiverse

I have not conquered my karma or found nirvana as yet;
but I love the studies and eternal search that won’t let me
rest – with a Nile-Crocodile hungry for knowledge in my
head always crying more, more; I want to know more;
fighting the little alien who is hanging from the rafters
in my mind shouting ‘I’m scared! ’ while running around
like Alice in Wonderland drinking knowledge and facts
that make me change shape and become different characters

Feeling like Cinderella who never gets to go to the ball
because my life leaves no room for social events; feeling
like an Ice Princess because the Nile Crocodile does not
want to make any friends – but it is fine with me; the joy
of discovery – finding Colin Wilson’s Beyond the Occult
that puts the Nile-Crocodile in ecstasy – makes up
for it all!

by Margaret Alice

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I agree with Gregory and Patricia... It was very refreshing and well done. I enjoyed it. Take care
Your poem made me laugh. It's very subtle and entertaining.
man i love shootin crocs in my backyard, their dumb ass endangered selves were not even told in their historic evolution how to get out of they way of my shotgun, which the memory of water drags them down, funny skulls killed by a mind who resfuses translation, sincerely nice boot and wallet