Feelings Deep Within

don't be fooled by the mask we create,

we try to hide from the unknown,

sometimes we hold the pain deep within,

and once it's out the sadness is with it,

sometimes we hold things in so much,

we won't have the ability to let go,

and thats when depression settles in,

people think they can forget when they hold their pain in,

but in reality you will always carry the pain with you,

it doesn't matter where you are, or where you want to be,

the pain always travels by your side,

you can try to forget and think positive,

but the memories will travel along the palm of your hand,

you want to remember all the good times,

but as the bad memories come back,

the more we hold back and can't move on,

we have the ability to move on,

but it starts with a journey,

you just have to be willing to take it

by Taylor Calvert

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Well said and heartfelt. Totally true. Sometimes it helps just to have someone to talk to. Stay strong.