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Feelings Don'T Fade
MF (9/13/87 / )

Feelings Don'T Fade

I walk by you in the hall, Memories come back to me
We give eachother awkward glances,
Both knowing something once was there
You think you are the only one with problems
But if you'd just come to me you'd see
You are not alone
But now we hardly even talk
I cry over all the things we had, while you continue to walk

Different worlds pulled us apart, But we should be over that now
What stops you from opening your heart
Can't you see that you tear me apart

I thought that I was over you, You were gone for so long
But now that you're back my feelings have resurfaced
I convince myself they aren't there, They aren't real

But then I see you and my heart drops
Why couldn't you stay away
My mind was ready, but my heart never forgot

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