Feelings For You

The twinkle in your eye, my Love,
Creates the sweetest feeling within me.
I cannot explain that feeling, sweet love of mine,
It is enchanting and will always remain a mystery.

Days, Hour, minutes and seconds are counted,
For that magical day of meeting you for the first time.
My Love, I am eager to see that sweet twinkle of yours,
Which fascinates and purifies every feeling of mine.

When I breathe I imagine that I smell you fragrance,
Which is a scent that is made only in a lover's world.
The affectionate speech of yours cures all my pains;
It is a medicine no physician can recommend me.

My wish at this very moment is to be with you,
Embracing and holding you closer to my body,
So that we can feel our heartbeat for the first time.
I wish it will be the most exquisite moment for us.

by Nilesh Tavarayan

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