(The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

Feelings: Met An Angel That Night

Feeling unsettled after a visit by a racist
expressing his disgust with life as it is, was
and ever will be, a typical pessimist who
hides his feelings behind the grinning mask
of a clown – with the laughter of death

I turned to a book to change my mood
“An Angel At My Shoulder” by Glennnyce
Eckersley; as I read of people being led
from danger of death on the road, I
remembered when an angel

Helped me also: Once I lost my way in a
rural area with no street lights, no moon
or stars on a dark, cloudy night; driving in
circles too scared to stop – then saw a
man getting into his car

I asked him please direct me to the highway,
he said follow me, then stopped telling me to
go on alone – I could not; so he simply drove
on till bright street-lights lighted the way;
I thanked him as he turned around

I knew I had met an angel that night…

Glennyce S. Eckersley “An Angel At My Shoulder” 1996

by Margaret Alice

Comments (3)

Hello again Margaret. This is very touching and so true. I wonder how many angels we have met unaware. Blessings, LC
A very touching poem and story Margaret! ! A pleasure as always to read! ! *10*! ! ! Best wishes! , Friend Thad
It is all in the definition isn't it - Angel, Good Samaritan, concerned citizen. But and angel definitely when your fears are allayed. Rgds, Ivan