Feelings Of Dislike To Hatred Can Grow

Feelings of dislike to hatred can lead that's something we all do know
But such feelings are of no use to you so why not let them go
An eye for an eye is not a good idea since that does not change a thing
'Tis not the praises of revenge and it's dark ways that we should feel glad to sing
To forgive others we must forgive ourselves and then in our lives move on
Two wrongs does never make a right and let bygones be bygone
In life 'tis harder to make a friend than 'tis to make a foe
But hatred is a noxious feeling that in our hearts we need not sow
We must learn to love and forgive ourselves before others we can forgive
And learn to put the past behind and to live and let live
And try to have a good laugh or two each day laughter is good for the mind
In everyone who can laugh heartily a happy person you will find
Feelings of dislike to hatred can grow and two wrongs never does make a right
Just learn to forget as well as forgive and into your soul allow light.

by Francis Duggan

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