Feelings: Self-Adhesive Plastic, Invention From Hell

Self-adhesive plastic, an
invention straight from
hell, it changes me into
a hysterical banshee

while my daughter
becomes an arch-evil
supercilious matriarch
loftily laughing at my attempts

to cover her brother’s
books – she covers her
own without a crease
in sight – while my

and junior’s books are
horrible to behold – he
becomes even worse than
me when he tries to

use the sticky stuff
himself; turning into
a cursing, destructive imp
- I went into overdrive

to cover my book at
top speed – the sooner
the ordeal is over, the
sooner my life can go on

not much of a life
gloomily contemplating
the fact that I shall
be constrained to attend

a financial course to
once again proof myself
a total dunce as far as
figures are concerned….

by Margaret Alice

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