Felicia Di Stefano

Mentally a human colossuss though physically she doesn't stand tall
For she and the young Melanie Mumford believe in a fair go for all
Staunch supporters of the movement Rural Australia For Refugees
For all of those who stand for human rights and justice put your hands together please

Felicia Di Stefano what a woman she is truly an enlightened soul
She is one voice for the Stateless and good at playing the role model role
For the refugees in unlawful detention she's prepared to have her say
People like her are invaluable in the World we live in today

Jane Sealholme, Tully Fletcher, Beth Montgomery and Jessica Harrison are others who spring to mind
And then of course there's Janice Trenair people like them hard to find
They with others fly the banner for the incarcerated dispossessed
For the Stateless and forgotten and the disadvantaged oppressed.

At South West Gippsland gatherings on behalf of refugees Fellicia Di Stefano always there
And her husband John there to support her but sad to say their kind too rare
Rural Australians For Refugees should feel proud of the work
they do
To a higher set of principles they remain steadfast and true.

The big hearted Felicia Di Stefano is one we ought to celebrate
On behalf of incarcerated Stateless People she has achieved something great
A spokesperson for refugees in detention centres unlawfully serving time
To flee torture in search of a better future should never be seen as a crime.

by Francis Duggan

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