Felicia Hemans

Those familiar with the poems of Felicia Hemans will tell you that she was a queen of rhyme
And her verses that brought her fame in her brief life span
Have now withstood two centuries of time
Her work is full of joy and love and pathos all the human feelings you will find them there
She was a great and a prolific writer and with the very best she can compare.

She died when she was in her early forties in her writing prime and her's a legendary name
Some of her poems destined to live forever they were her Passport to immortal fame
A gentle soul and one of striking beauty and she was loved, respected and admired
A major poet in poetry's golden era and so many writers by her were inspired.

The face of English verse constantly changing and poetry not the in thing of the day
And nothing seems to stay the same forever that's how it is and it will always be that way
And a few poets of the old school still remembered though poetry's glorious era is long gone
And the name of the great writer Felicia Hemans despite time's passage still keeps living on.

Those familiar with the poems of Felicia Hemans will tell you that with the very best she rate
And that her finest work will live forever and she is one we ought to celebrate
And though she died young in her early forties three decades short of two centuries ago
Those who have not heard of her could not tell you that anything on poetry they might know.

by Francis Duggan

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