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MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)


Take my hand and lead the way,
Enthuse my heart as we enter your chambers
Where shreds of green vines barricade the pathways
Of your flower-covered aperture.

Take me to the place where you go,
When night is lulled by the moon.
Invite me as stars are creating a lifeless pattern
In the appalling sky.

Lure me to where your secrets are
And watch me follow like a bee,
As we step on petals causing a song on the floor.
Cover me with your mystery and awake my every surmise.

Exalt me from the stockade I call home and
Take me with you to the quiet place you visit when night sets in.
Help me find ecstasy that will create felicity
Over my gloomy avails.

Take me where you go.

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