DM (21/04/88 / Dublin)

Feline Fantasy

Oh to be cat,
How wonderful-not a problem in the universe.
Or even better a kitten,
Wow-no worries or cares:

Innocence is a kitten playing with its tail,
Everything a toy in a young feline’s world.
Even your toe is fair game,
Your sock in the air being torn and hurled.

Mid-climbing the curtains,
Its coat it must clean.
With a lick to its paws,
Its fur starts to sheen.

Distracted so easily by everything in sight,
A fly on the window gets curious looks.
And with a crawl and a jump,
The insect is nabbed with its playful hooks.

Run, tumble, grab and let go,
Games created out of thin air.
A kitten’s life is forever fun,
Not a worry in the world, no, not a care.

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