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My moist tongue flicks
Just against the tip
Tasting? …teasing?
My lips engulf him
Eye contact…pouty eyes
Approval? …encouragement?
Farther now…deeper
He swells inside me
Capacity is reached
I retreat, then return
My saliva…his fluid
Mix and sluice
Down the shaft
Onto my hand
I look to his eyes
They roll back, then close
My tongue again
Across the tip
On each exit
Down again…farther
Capacity is inadequate
A sudden retreat
Again his eyes…
Concerned yet wanting
Imperative to continue
My lips…now shiny
I lick them…part them
Teasing? …tasting?
I accept him again
And again…and again
Until…he thrusts
Arches his back
His legs stiffen
I look to his eyes
Closed tightly
Imagining? …fantasizing?
Eruption is imminent
Moans and movements
His fluid fills my mouth
And runs down my hand
I retreat…aching
Yet we are attached still
A stubborn strand
Tethers me to him
And then snaps
As I look to his eyes

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i noticed this as i was scanning MyPoemList aka favorite poems list. what are you doing tonight? hell, it does NOT 'have to be' tonight. anytime will do! ! ! let me look at another or two. i was tempted to put this into my monthly 'showcase' of PH poems, but it is getting 'too long' (the showcase) and maybe i shouldn't expose my PH friends and others to such ecstasy! some might have heart attacks............or blue balls. is there such a thing as blue tongue? bri :)
favorite lines: A stubborn strand Tethers me to him And then snaps As I look to his eyes i'd read this again, but i am in too much of a hurry to taste more of you(r work) . to MyPoemList. bri :)
I was royally blown away on this one!
Even chaste me can tell that the author is no greenhorn. Now the next project would be the saga of a CL. I shall ask Sherrie for a recommendation. Incidentally, this is very well done (cum to think of it) . H
Men are so easy! Nice job.