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Fellow Enemies

I always thought that life had no meaning
That I was born to be here and then to die
I almost took my life that day
The one where I almost threw everything away
No one was there to help me through the pain
I sat there and dealt with it day after sorrowful day
You are here because of the death of your cat
I'm here because no one cares enough to know where I'm at
If only I had as many friends as I have enemies
I call to you all and tell you once
I'm done with this crusade
There isn't anyone in the world who thinks about me
And if they do it's a shame
I don't think of them because they aren't worth my time
Just leave me alone and let me cry

by emily corbin

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Oh dear this poem is so touching especially the last lines where is no hope in them. great poem, i luv it.