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Fellow Idiot-Savants

And of course, as usual Adriaan Snyman
discredits himself by rejecting “The Bible
Code” by Michael Drosnin while dabbling
in the same esoteric terrain - on the grounds
that he does not understand it himself

and it appeals to the mass media and became
famous, Snyman cannot explain how it works
then happily self-satisfied, he sells his own
interpretation of a numerical code which
Drosnin mentions also

Snyman says self-righteously, I am right,
you are wrong, thus he disqualifies himself
in my eyes; his esoterica is just as dense and
suspect as that of Drosnin – by discrediting
Drosnin’s theories

I immediately query his ability to understand
the bigger picture, and, by the way, I’m just as
wayward as Drosnin, it makes perfect sense to
me, though Snyman is too self-opinionated
to see what he refuses to let be…

Adriaan Snyman “Die Messias Kode” (The Messiah Code)

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A nice way of summing it up I think. Too much wayward intellectual intrigue makes me billious too! Rgds, Ivan