There had been once upon a time.
When ignorance willfully displayed.
Was regarded as inappropriate.
And when mentioned to bring attention to it,
No one then became offended.
They instead accepted and corrected their ways.
Today seems light years away from those yesterdays.
To say anything and with respect.
To have that understood and accepted.
Is a challenge one takes with it to risk,
Being told to mind one's own business.
And this may be said,
By a Christian who professes faith.
To then quote from a scripture.
About how love and fellowship.
And doing so with understanding and patience.
Is what is needed in the World today.
If those chosen expect,
To live eternally with God.
Forever in harmony and peace.

Then will ask,
Why one who has just been insulted.
Has not found a need to accept an invitation.
To fellowship with other Christians,
At a church.
One would come to love and call home.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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