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For Diana Gould

On charts they fall like lace,
Islands consuming in a sea
Born dense with its own blue:
And like repairing mirrors holding up
Small towns and trees and rivers
To the still air, the lovely air:
From the clear side of springing Time,
In clement places where the windmills ride,
Turning over grey springs in Mykonos,
In shadows with a gesture of content.

The statues of the dead here
Embark on sunlight, sealed
Each in her model with the sightless eyes:
The modest stones of Greeks,
Who gravely interrupted death by pleasure.
And in harbours softly fallen
The liver-coloured sails -
Sharp-featured brigantines with eyes -
Ride in reception so like women:
The pathetic faculty of girls
To register and utter desire
In the arms of men upon the new-mown waters,
Follow the wind, with their long shining keels
Aimed across Delos at a star.

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Thank you for your comment on my new poem! I know this one isn't new for you, but I think it's one of my favorites...so far that is. Let me get back to reading your poems, I've got a lot to go =)
Felt so small, So scared... Tiny in his arms. How could this man, Who said he loved me, Be... My father? ? Love? I think not! Felt so small, Hidin in the closet, Felt sooo small, So scared. Wanted to help, But what could I do, Felt so small. the poet makes wonders in words andc raft
I like this write......you give an intersting view.....
This poem has so many interpretations, it is a bit of a mystery... -chuck
A truly heart-rendering write. It sounds wrong to describe such a piece as finely-written given its subject matter. But it is.
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