Written On The Fly Leaf Of A Child's Bible

Dear Mollie, in thy early days,
While treading childhood's dreamy maze,
Peruse this book with care:
Peruse it by the rising sun;
Peruse it when the day is done,
Peruse it oft with prayer.

Search it for counsel in thy youth,
For every page is bright with truth
And wisdom from on high.
Consult it in thy riper years,
When foes without and inward fears
Thy utmost powers defy.

And when life's sands are well nigh run
And all thy work on earth is done,
In patience wait and trust,
That He whose promises are sure
Will number you among the pure,
The righteous and the just.

by David John Scott

Comments (2)

Mary Darby Robinson's wit and humor has a bit of a stinger to it. She is passing judgment on the fashions for 1799 and she's taking no prisoners. She finds the styles to be ugly and immodest- -which is an odd stance for her to take. She was an actress and a mistress to many noblemen of her day.
Wouldn't she be lovely; wouldn't she be fine! this poem just fascinated me in the 'historic sense'.. this is a masterpiece that has been cloaked well in preservation.. to which this reader is truly grateful!