Female God

Clik-clok, Clik-clok
And here comes female god
Making a high-heeled entry
To the tiled floor of victims’ souls.

Pii-poo! Pii-poo! ! goes the alarm
Female god is in bad mood
All them rats scamper in the hood
As big cat pans her jittery preys.

With face overlaid with mascara
And mascara covered with a scowl
Female god sure knows her sandwiches
But I’d rather mortar for a spread.

From her swivel throne
Regina roars for sacrifice
A daily haemovorous menu
Savaging the flesh of tender egos.

Here comes red-lipped termagant
With voice like shrill thunder
And eyes with singeing rays
Baring dentition, hoping on a smile.

Clik-clok, Clik-clok
And female god exits
Like a blast of harmattan
With scorched egos in her trail.

by Mike Ekunno

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This is pretty cool.