By Starlight, Farewell And Goodnight

After the wonderful day we've all had
After the beautiful night we've all had
After all the fun
After all the laughs
After all the happiness
We must part ways

By starlight, farewell and goodnight
My friends
Who knows if the magic will still be there
Shall we ever meet again
But the memories you all gave me will last
a long time
I assure you all
I'll make sure of that

By starlight
The fairy dust rains down on us all
It seems like it picked the perfect time to fall

By starlight,
We exchange hugs
And fateful words
The stars are taking it all in
Where they are
As well as the moon

Farewell and goodnight to you all
Thanks for the smile
Thanks for the enchantment
Thanks for being ethereal
Thanks for being magical
Thanks for being mystical

By starlight, farewell and goodnight
My friends
My dears

by Justin Gildow

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