Feminine Across The Wires

Feminine across the wires
caressing in pixilated text
breaking silent night
bringing to me soft company
distant company
with talk of her
with talk of me
smiles she creates in me
she brings me poetry
and I am a child again

playful – playing – watching her create

feminine across the wires
a womanly form I do not know
and though I am apart from her
the opiate fragrance
of an affable soul I can imagine

feminine across the wires

she calls and I am artist once more

feminine across the wires
this one I do not know
across a space
back through time
to youth – a memory - distant

who are you? You small delight,
you grand delight
who are you?
this one I do not know
yet recognize without pause
this one who comes to me
feminine across the wires

©MMVII Derek R. Audette

by Derek R. Audette

Comments (1)

A very creative title and poem. The repetition of the title was important for this poem to maintain its context all the way through. I really enjoyed the read. A worthy writing indeed. GW62