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Feminine Felines

Cats gone crazy,
Feeling the heat
Walking around,
Low on their feet.

Looking for something
To make them feel good.
Looking for Q-Tips,
Or a long piece of wood.

Doesn't matter to them,
What makes the heat stop,
They dive on the bottom,
They crawl up on top.

But they really want Brutus
A tabby so tall,
But he'll never help them,
I cut off his balls!

(Sorry Brutus, I love you baby)

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (5)

Poets love cats; cats love poets; 'cos they're at home more and clever cats know it.
hey dont be brutal with brutus :)) let him have a ball or 2 :)))
When i go to bed tonight i am going to have a firm hold of the tackle Warm regards allan
Thank you again, Theodora. You are the best. You are so generouse to always read my work. Some friends and I were watching a movie earlier and I have 3 girl cats in heat. They all stalk poor Brutus. So this just came out, thanks again.
Sandra, I have cats, too...male and female...This just cracked me up, and I really needed to laugh...It is so good and so darn funny. You Go Girl Your friend, Theodora