Hunter's Song

The toils are pitched, and the stakes are set,
Ever sing merrily, merrily;
The bows they bend, and the knives they whet,
Hunters live so cheerily.

It was a stag, a stag of ten,
Bearing its branches sturdily;
He came silently down the glen,
Ever sing hardily, hardily.

It was there he met with a wounded doe,
She was bleeding deathfully;
She warned him of the toils below,
O so faithfully, faithfully!

He had an eye, and he could heed,
Ever sing so warily, warily;
He had a foot, and he could speed--
Hunters watch so narrowly.

by Sir Walter Scott

Comments (13)

Major Congrats & Mega Kudo's on The PH Poem of The Day, my ole' friend in time & verse...~FjR~
Wonderful composition. The poem portrays the pain and sadness of those hapless women who have been left alone by their stone-heated lovers. It tries to (I quote) : Find the key to unlock their dreams Currently hidden in emotional vaults
Such an encapsulating piece Marvelous
I can dig it but I would use 'hidden' instead of 'hid'. Just me.
i thought the last stanza was a little underdeveloped but that could just be me. otherwise, i thought it was beautiful.
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