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Femme Fatale
SJ (15-09-1989 / U.K)

Femme Fatale

Poem By Simon Jackson

Arid and lifeless the world surrounds
the prickly cactus standing its ground,
watching, waiting preparing amongst
the nothing that envelopes the scene.

The spines stare menacingly at the sun
as if it were the instigator of all
manifestations of its cruel evolution,
peering around watching and waiting they wait.

The purple sky beings to fall
and the fading light now glimmers
on the shiny body of the plant,
and it can finally breathe without fear.

At last she falls, that beast of the sky,
its breathing now begins to quicken,
drawing precious drops of moisture,
lubricating elixir for another long day.

Menacing in light, beautiful at night
I see you there and hope you will be alright

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