Femme Horlage

Do you think I noticed the duration of six months felt like yesterday,
but that the last month felt like a year, a week ago. Do you think
I noticed warmth and deprevaty coming into me at once, a weekend
that felt like a month's vacation after I left home. I didn't.

I came back today, revitalized as if I never had the need to leave.
I pushed your hands away from me like clouds of feathers with my breath
but felt the joy one can wrap ones' self in like a comforter, evading
you when I get lost.

To come back blank is giving me the advantage of pure curiousity,
and the joy of rediscovering one another. Another one person,
then another, and another. So can we hold hands again?

Pretend that this event is already years behind us. I've effaced
everything from my mind except the cold though of you. Can I see your
face, and in wanting to restore warmth, just for that moment, get to know you
better than the first day we met?

by Maxwell Ames

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