Fenced In To Be Viewed

One of the most difficult things,
Someone decides with a choice to do...
Is to forgive another known to be deceiving,
And intended to make their life a living hell.
There comes those times,
When it is not difficult at all...
To find it mentioned those with evil intentions,
Have hissed to knit their own wickedness...
On a quilt with others of like minds,
And they have found themselves stuck in a web...
With a belief the doing done,
Was intended to catch someone else 'suspected'.
And there they are...
Fenced in to be viewed as if in a zoo!
There they are...
The evil doers together.

'Just a second.
Am I to believe what I see at 'that' exhibit? '

~Which one? ~

'The one teaching the other monkeys,
How to knit.
While at the same time hissing...
The one that has come to feed them all.'

At one time it was very popular.
But today?
The message it had has been ignored.
It 'use' to have a relevance.
When there was only one knitter hissing.
As if to thrawart rumored activities of enemies.
The others became entrapped unconsciously,
To lose the attractiveness of that exhibit.
No one has expressed a collective curiosity after that.~

'Why? '

~It was discovered all the monkeys knew each other.
And plotted together to create their own demise.
We knew that to be true,
Because they seemed not to need any training to hiss...
At the one who came to entertain and feed them.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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