Fences. They Are Everywhere

I tried balancing on different fences,
To straddle perfectly to do with time spent.
And then limits to my curiosity began to expand.
To find those fences only meant,
For the purpose of keeping something in.
With no intent for that something,
To feel free to roam out and about.

And those who stay offended,
By the mention of fences...
Need not to see them to feel them everywhere.
But are kept reminded in their minds,
Of those limits and expectations...
Where they should remain and stay,
Until permission is given as a condition of accepted...
Belief, conformity and threats of sins to avoid.
Posted on 'fences' by those claiming ownership.


~Of what? ~


~On what? ~

'Thoughts to think others might find offensive.
To then be tempted to mention them.'

~What...are you talking about? ~

'Fences. They are everywhere.
Everywhere someone is defending them.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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