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Feng Shui!

Feng Shui!


I was reading an article today
In one of those top maga-zines
About a thing called feng shui
Those mystical forces unseen!

It said to clear all the clutter
Make all of my house quite pristine
Lose all the junk and the schmutter
Then my life will be oh so serene!

I filled up two skips in one day
Car boot weighed down with my stuff
With things I was throwing away
I wonder would that be enough?

At last my house was now bare
Just some plants and a Japanese mat
I sat down on my last lonely chair
How I missed all my lovely old tat!

Where was my cute plastic frog
And the cuckoo clock there on the wall?
Where was that brown china dog
That sat by the door in the hall?

I rushed to the dump straight away
Found empty space where my stuff stood
I decided to look on e-Bay
And buy as much tat as I could

Now my house - is back full of junk
My life's peaceful and very serene
That feng shui lark is all just bunk
For ladies who don’t like to clean!

copyright Victoria George

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Victoria, enjoying your sense of humour. Ian