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If you tramble over the hills
in a silent bright moonlight
you may be lucky and see Dove
white as cloud and so wild and free
flying upon the sky
seeking for her love
Dove, which has reborn like a Fenix
flying and seeking for Poppy
when Dove finds Poppy
from mountain or hill high
if Poppy is the right one, meant for her
they will enjoy their similarity and
share need of freedom and beauty
fly together above the clouds and rainbows
sharing same hunger for life.
Greatest miracle of all is how
can Dove find Poppy who is ment for her
if she chooses wrong flower
seeds may take her life and wound her heart
and then she must sang her swansong
again and again
until she can reborn from ashes,
and there is only one right
Poppy for each Dove, only one
who will not wound nor hurt
none knows before when she finds right one
and how many times she must fail before.

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