With any mention of her ex daughter in law 'Fergie' the monarch of Britain seems so ill at ease
The look on her face tells of her displeasure as if to say do change the subject please
That she was married to her dear son Andy is now a cause for regret for the Queen
I'm sure right now that she would feel much happier if Sarah
Ferguson she'd never known or seen.

The British Royals always stood for class distinction and in their narrow ways they seem so small
And as for Fergie she's not a bad person she seems so very human after all
She never should have married Andy Windsor the Duchess tag her did not seem to suit
For the so called royal family she seemed too human perhaps a reason they gave her the 'boot'.

It would seem that in the royal house of Windsor that Sarah Ferguson was out of place
The royal protocol and the snobbish court manners was something she could not fully embrace
She has in her a sense of fun and laughter something in royal circles previously unknown
She is one who came from the common people and you well might say that she's still one of our own.

A character in many ways is Fergie and she never was a royal windsor rose
And with the Queen she has been out of favour ever since since Johnny Bryant was photographed sucking on her toes
But when one door closes another door then opens and life goes on it's always been that way
And the discarded ex royal without the Windsors for herself seems to be doing quite okay.

Elizabeth seems quite annoyed with Fergie for bringing on the house of Windsor shame
She's had a few affairs and nights of passion which makes her very human just the same
With foxy hair she does look very Scottish and the Scottish blood in her is very strong
And with the Windsors she was never happy for to the Celtic World she belong.

by Francis Duggan

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