Just another place,
Where racism exists.
And historically...
Has been tolerated.
With a of pointing fingers with it done,
While ignoring these times that have come...
That only affects the ones who have accepted,
Themselves to be better than other ones.
Yet continue to self inflict with ignorance they do,
To believe blood shed with corruption to spread...
While result to benefit the ones who perceive,
Keeping those less advantaged and controlled...
And on their knees,
Will prove that the few who oppress to uphold...
Archaic beliefs their ancestors to them have sold,
Without confessing to self examine...
That ferguson isn't just an isolated incident.
But Ferguson represents,
A darkness attempted to be kept hidden...
That exposes and reflects a selfishness believed,
Can thrive undetected by keeping reality deluded.
While hoarding resources, benefits and opportunties,
Exclusively shared amongst those using deception...
To please the feeding of evil and ignorant misdeeds.

And yet unfortunately as hunger and homelessness,
Continues and existence that is permitted...
Ferguson may get current focus and media attention.
But Ferguson is far from the only place...
Where people are restricted to limits,
By those with minds blinded by their own insecurities...
To not face the consequences these insecurities leave,
Only achieve the increasing of social conflicts.
And minds inflicted with mental illnesses,
Decreases the quality of life 'everyone' deserves to live.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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