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Ferris Wheel
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Ferris Wheel

Higher we are taken,
Slowly higher,
In our chariot
Gently rocking,
Confusion below,
That knowing Star—
“Reachably there, ”
Says my heart—
In this evening sky...

Slowly higher,
And soon
We will be
Embraced by heaven,

And rocking,
Gently rocking,
My soul
Anticipates the kiss
Of some sweet apogee
Where even the sounds
Of earth can’t climb,
And dust and din
Are but a swirl
Far below
Our ride above.

And when we are there,
And we are as one
Above the world,
Will your dreams
Of longing be no more?
And will my dreams
Of youth and love
Dance with me
Amid the stars
Of night,

As rocking,
Gently rocking,
We move unmoving,
In this celestial love.

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