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Vasto Grom (01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)


Upon a sea of liars
My boat will ferry the true
Just hand over your coins
And I will ferry you

In your life you've seen much sorrow
And suffered endless pain
But when the light shines upon tomorrow
Never will you suffer again

I am the great wacthman
I will judge you the decisions that you made
Then I will render my verdict
The price for your sins must be paid

Now hand over your payment
So that we may now set sail
But know if you try to cheat me
You'll be thrown over the rail

And forever you will swim
In a sea of those that would decieve
You will be come just a part of
The ones who sowed lies they couldn't reave

So now its time to leave
This world of pain and woe
Let my ferry you away from the grieve
To a place as pure as fresh fallen snow

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