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Fertile The Land
(Dec 29 / Toronto)

Fertile The Land

Poem By Nassy Fesharaki

Fertile the land

"Went to sea, talked with wave,
-in motion and restless:
- ‘what is wrong, problem?
-why always are in search?
-your chest filled with the pearls;
-valuable you are, among the treasures.'"

This poem is Iqbal's; of Lahore…
-one of those invaded, and crushed,
-to carved pawn for the game, political

Came reply:
- "Our motion means our life.
-it confirms that we are;
-we are dead if still, if silent!
-no movement talks of end! ! ! "

I get the "l'art pour l'art, " as cause but
-sweet dreams of people by poems of poets
-means lulling, means leading into false,
-means sowing untrue beauty to goddess, statue is soulless,
-unconcerned, unconscious, in sky nebula of dome's hood,
-is telling: "Be yours and yours alone, individual…a single,
-is giving them opium, leading them to become fancy in mysticism
-and in it lose realm of truth and the helm, control
-and that is dangerous! ! !

I write and encourage:
- "To cruel, stand up…
-be new Louis Riel…be second Guevara
-turn into the Tupac Catari, Amaru,
-be Babak…or their like
-why not live as Douglas-Fredrick …Malcolm X-
-use power fight and seek all your rights and full respect…"

Therefore, I celebrate First Nations'
-sports'-mass, and long walks
-to find the ‘Sisters Lost' and ‘Land lost', other rights
-I say so; my voice loud: "Brothers and sisters…,
-…even loss is a gain; let blood pour, fertile the ground …
-always peace if respect mutual…no fear to kill if it can pave road to march! ! !

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