Scenes from old movies can be found in my dreams,
and the past is a blanket to warm me, it seems,
the days are a haze of what I thought was there,
those times were so fine, it was easy to care.

As the nights passed away, and the seasons grew slow,
we lived in each other, and both came to know,
that true love can be real, it is easy to feel,
while the winds from the north country started to blow.

We both felt the chill and hated each moment,
but, could not deny what was there,
we wanted to love,
and we wanted to need,
we both wanted so badly to care.

The summer was lost and the ultimate cost,
were the moments we shared in the sun,
we soon realized, that what once was contrived,
just didn't end up being 'US',

There was nowhere to hide from the feelings inside,
but, at least we were able to see,
that we didn't match well,
and exchange private hell,
just to make someone else feel happy.

So, the matchmaker didn't quite get it this time,
but, there are some things that she'll never know,
with a glimpse we can see in each other,
a long standing friendship,
without all the bull - shit,
... and it feels like it made us both grow.

We surely had fun while we tried to be one,
and we made a clean break as good friends.

by Barry Van Allen

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Where's that darned ark when I need it? ? ! ! Hugs, Dee