Poem Hunter
HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)


Poem By Hugh Cobb

Moments of lucidity are rare
when blood boils when blood boils
reason's displaced by febrile dreams
body shaking: rattling glimpses
of realities perceived at no other time...

As temperature rises, delirium:
wandering in shadow-land between:
brain heated to visionary doneness,
gelled, quivering viscous mass

creating worlds

where angels do dance on pin heads
& invisible choirs sing...
yet words aren't clear;
just vowels & consonants
an oratorio of sound
pushing pushing further
into the pure Flame of Being...

Greater Light sparks; ignites,
offering solace: heat induced states
you might choose to remain in...

It's so tempting
just to let go
allow body's fire to consume you

ashes floating drifting,

drifting into that deepest dream
from which there is no awakening.

(Copyright 9/19/2002)

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These borderline states are really unique and inspiring in their surrealism. It seems so hard to get back to normal after visiting this strange world of febrile dreams. Beautifully woven. Julia