Few And Far Between

Preferring subservience,
Over self determination...
Feeds those begging,
To be seen with appetites...
Under spotlight.
Telling tales of struggles.
For a fee paid!
During the short celebrated days,
Of Black History Month.

An enhancement done,
Of an identity with committment...
Ignoring and resisting resentment,
Takes self assurance.
And a freedom felt...
No one can deny,
By the raising of an eyebrow.
Feared by those wishing to please,
And entertain as appointed.
Commissioned to deliver,
Minutes of guilt freeing reflections.

But those who are aware and know themselves,
With minds untethered or locked in chains...
Pierce through empty promises,
To be acknowledge when these attractions dim.

Goldleaf wishes to adorn 'wings'
In a glorified afterlife with a halo glowed...
May be in the eyes of those,
Hoping to gain favor.
Those who do not 'trip' like this.
And not conflicted as to who they are...
Are few,
And far...

Those who are aware and know themselves...
Do not need these scenes,
To manifest their ambitions to reach for greatness,
Beyond the limits of staged sterotypes.
OR delight in such paid performances...
To then select from donated boxed meals.

'If you are going to feed me 'anything'...
Feed me your respect! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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