Few Birds Do Sing In Birdsland Today

The dry hills of South Belgrave from days of warm weather the color of hay
And few birds are singing in Birdsland today
And from the wood on the hill on the old decaying trees
The bell like chirps of the bellbirds is floating in the breeze
The wood above Birdsland for them is home territory
Birds quite vocal in their ways though not easy to see
Sparrow sized green birds who live on the insects of wood decay
Glorified in verse by the great Australian poet Henry Kendall in a long gone day
In Birdsland in Tecoma in view of South Belgrave hill
A black and white Australian magpie of silvery bill
Does sing in the sunshine on a tall mountain ash tree
A marvelous songster of Nature as most would agree
On the sixteenth day of February the calendar Autumn less than two weeks away
And few birds do sing in Birdsland today.

by Francis Duggan

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