VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

Few Drops Of Love

I know a girl from my past,

she is my life's best part,

forever her memories they last,

guess she is the girl i used to know,

i used to walk behind her slow,

pretending to let her go,

the moment she hold my arm,

i learnt love is supercool warm,

my heart was filled with butterflies,

i loved her cute childish lies,

in her tears i learnt how angels look when they cry,

i said i would read her palm,

all i wanted was just to hold her hand.

every nano particles of my life loved her,

she is the one who gave me wings,

but i want to fly with her,

my heart goes on with every love song i hear,

bcoz they all make me feel her so near,

even her headache give me heartache!

At my lonely walks at lake,

my eyes wet with tears yet with smiles i fake,

i sit at the corner of my room,

thinking about all the silly things i did,

which have turned into the most memorable moments in my life,

just because she was there,

I thought I'll never see her again,

but I'm still one of her friend!

few drops of my love fled as tears

for her i'll always be here.....

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Absolutely a breathtaking beautiful piece very well written.