Few Things In Life Come Easy

Few things in life come easy it does seem this way
For most things there always is some price to pay
And though many do daydream of great wealth and fame
No two dreams it does seem exactly the same

Yet we all cannot be wealthy and famous and great
And of the privileged minority the masses celebrate
In a World where a few for to win many have to lose
Though losing is a thing anyone does not choose

So many on a life's journey that does lead to nowhere
There are millions of poor people in the big World out there
The Stateless, the Homeless and the Refugees
Poverty it is known to come at varying degrees

And though success in life is also a relative thing
The praises of the billionaires the gullible masses do sing
Since the fact is we are all born as mortals and fact never lie
And eventually one day or night everybody must die.

by Francis Duggan

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