Few Things Stay The Same

Change for the better as some like to say
But others they do not see it in this way
Since for change to occur old ways have to die
And that change is only a disappointment to some is not a lie
Of the praises of change those who love change do sing
But cultural and social change to many can be a disappointing thing
I too am conservative in my own way
Since i yearn for the what was of the bygone day
Like the ways of the Irish Travelers when i was a boy
Seeing them in their horse drawn vans was a source of joy
At the cross roads at night they drank, sung and danced and music played
And now even the memories of what was beginning to fade
The increase in motorized vehicles forced them off of the roads which seemed quite a shame
They became victims of change but then few things stay the same

by Francis Duggan

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