Few Words

Poem By Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar

Few words
Can cause
Wonder or a disaster
Can make sound
More than a bomb
Resulting into breakdown
Of the heart and mind
Few words
Can turn a sad face
Into a one with a big smile
Few words
Can be heavier than the
Biggest of hammers
Can break intimate
Turn it into enmity
Few words can be sharper
Than a knife
Can cut the thread of trust
Into thousand pieces
Few words can be
Very soothing
Can heal wound faster
Than any medicine
Few words of sympathy
Can give solace to
Someone in agony
Few words of apology
Can resolve the biggest
Few words of
Can motivate someone
To the road of victory
Few words of love
Can bring
Two unknown souls

Comments about Few Words

Very true, few words of sincerity can bring humanity together.. Nice write! ! !

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