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Few Words
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Few Words

Poem By AHO Speaks

Few Words

God creator of the universe one
Giver of life, our minds and our own earthly sun
The creator's will had already been done.

Now it is up to humanity to do whatever it can
The human mind is the key to understand
Both genders have much to offer the children of man.

Gifts of continuity, choice and to survive
Inside our mind the knowledge to stay alive
Each child must be protected when they arrive.

The mind and sense's know right from wrong
Man has only half the answers to whom the children belong
The family unit is sacred and must always be strong.

By a single cell life does not make
But two combined for another mind, God does create
Creator of the universe will never forsake.

Every child of mankind to the creator is unique
May what they gather always be what they seek
Always to have hope and never be meek.

A mistake is not evil else we pay the price
Just as wrong is not sin; only the opposite of right
Inside the mind resides the holy light.

Evil is when a child is denied its earthly time
A child must recognize all evil signs
Time on earth more than just a straight line.

All knowledge according to a time and place
Children's time should not be just a race
Precious is the color of every face..

The mind is a chalice to get us anywhere
Uniqueness and difference are gifts; I swear
Fair and right actions can get each of us there.

11-07-05 Aho Speaks

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