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Fibi's Nightcap
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Fibi's Nightcap

Fibi, who is an MC
Never got an undergrad degree
And therefore boasted of only a pedigree,
M for Maine, C for Coon, you see.

One day, Fibi was having a siesta
And saw through the corner of her dopey eye,
A mouse that was nimble and fat
And ambling unmindful on the mat.

“Blimey! ” screamed Fibi
Am I dreaming or smelling a snack,
That Mom gave me
When I was a tiny kitten tot?

Licking clean her paws
Fibi recounted: What did I have for breakfast today?
White Cheddar cheese and milk.
And lamb cutlets on thinly buttered slices
Of French bread at tea time.
At dinner for starters,
Fresh turkey and cheese,
And main course of seafood medley;
Haven’t I had my fill today?

“Nope”, said Fibi to herself.
Turkey, lamb, prawns and salmon
Partridge, quail, beef and Dimsum,
All processed and packaged into
A heap of unhealthy and tasteless GM.

I like my chow that scampers around
Makes me play cat-and-mouse
Earn my dinner while I exercise,
And build up in me a big appetite.

The mouse is juicy, rare and tender
And my comfort food, organic and slender.
I need a nightcap, Ooh la la
I will have the mouse, Insha Allah!

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Lovely written style, i am glad that i have discovered such a talented poet as you. Nick