(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


If you happen to be near to overhear,
Words heard said about anyone or anything...
That may to you be interesting enough to repeat,
To someone else on the street or on the phone...
Android or landline in the comfort of your home.
Be one quick to think,
'Whose life am I willing to jeopardize? '
Do yourself a favor and turn your head the other way.
Seldom what's heard to repeat is strong enough,
To keep bricks sealed to steel...
Or forever held to concrete.

Do not get stuck to a web spun by false beliefs.
You will discover your feet unable to move as freely.

Lips quick to spread gossip,
Are the first to claim and annoint the blame...
On someone else to name to add them eventually,
To a list of others that have defamed.
And the ones victimized to have healed and mended,
By a viciousness intended...
Have not been known to forgive and forget.
Like the ones fictionalized in movies or on TV.
THAT is fantasy. Know this to take notice.
Some don't. Many wont.

When the culprits and the victims,
Have been depicted at the end...
As becoming close and unseparable friends,
While dancing under moonlight to hear an orchestra...
Playing softly with credits given to those who performed.
THIS to be seen has been scripted.
And reality it is not nor will ever be.
Know this to take notice and hopefully learn from it.
Stop in your tracks before repeating something,
Not yet validated to have produced discovered facts.

Be you one quick to think,
'Whose life am I willing to jeopardize? '
The answer?
~Don't let it be yours.~

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