RL (01-10-1987 / California)

Fictitious Obsession?

Please stay.
Don't go.
Hold me.
Near your heart.
Near safety.
Right here.
Next to my soul.
Next to my life.
My life.
You hold.
In your hands.
I enfold.
The answers.
To my heart.
The key.
To my mind.
The touch.
To my body.
These words are the verbal images captivating my soul.
Repetition. Over and over again.
Replaying the role in the back of my mind.
The good. And only the best.
The bad. Never existed.
Newfangled and not despondent. The images as if reborn to a state of ecstasy.
Guide me. Please. To 'happiness that exist in reality'.
To dearth. To want to want.
To retry. To gain trust and divinity.
To make the attempt.
In that invisible shadow. That shadow that used to be mine.
My heart. My mind. My soul. MY WHOLE.
The power to be egocentric in grasping happiness.
The 'okay' to be happy.
The retain the image that has been desired for.
That was always mine.
To no longer have to wait.
To no longer be indignant.
To no longer be informal.
To no longer be impassionate.
To just be jovial.
To HAVE what I want.

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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